Which are the different types of joins?

INNER JOIN Inner join shows matches only when they exist in both tables. Example in the below SQL there are two tables Customers and Orders and the inner join in made on Customers. Customerid and Orders. Customerid. So this SQL will only give you result with customers who have orders. If the customer does not… Read More »

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In SQL server, How to take script of all Indexes used in a table ?

Hi friends, Indexes are very important while creating a table. If we a have table with some indexes in it and we want to take script of table with all indexes, then we can follow following steps to achieve it. 1. Open SQL Server Management Studio 2. Click “Tools” Menu 3. Click “Options” item 4.… Read More »

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How to solve – Insertion into replicated table failure ?

Hi All, In SQL data base, data  insertion to a table fails due to identity range check constraint for replicated tables, if the identity is managed by replication.This issue may be faced in SQL insertion. How to Solve this ? In SQL there are two types of users for a replicated table. First One is… Read More »

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Encryption for Stored Procedure in SQL Server

Hi Friends, Stored Procedures are very important in software development.While developing software we use stored procedures to fetch and insert different critical data from and to data base. Sometime it is very important to hide the business logic from end user due to security reasons. Once Stored procedures are encrypted it is not possible to… Read More »

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