What is the difference between tempdata , viewdata and viewbag?

Temp data: Helps to maintain data when you move from one controller to other controller or from one action to other action. In other words when you redirect,“tempdata” helps to maintain data between those redirects. It internally uses session variables. View data: Helps to maintain data when you move from controller to view. View Bag: … Read More »

How can we restrict MVC actions to be invoked only by GET or POST?

Hi Friends, We can decorate the MVC action by “HttpGet” or “HttpPost” attribute to restrict the type of HTTP calls. For instance you can see in the below code snippet the “DisplayCustomer” action can only be invoked by “HttpGet”. If we try to make Http post on “DisplayCustomer” it will throw an error.    

Grid in Knock Out

Hi All, Using Knockout we can create grid view easily.An example of using the ‘foreach’ binding to render content for each item in an list is given below.We can add items to a HTML template. Note : viewModelData is view model which contains Name,Age and No fields.

How to Create a Team City Build ?

Hi All, Team City is a Java-based build management and continuous integration server from Jet Brains. Continuous Integration is the main aim of Team City. Automated deployment from development it self. Follow the following steps Step 1 – Login to the Team City software. Step 2 – Click Create Project to start a new project.… Read More »

What is Continuous Integration in Software Development ?

Hi Everyone, Continuous Integration is a software development practice that helps to calls upon development teams to ensure that a build and subsequent testing is conducted for every code change made in a software. Continuous Integration concept was meant to remove the problem of finding the late occurrences of issues in the build life cycle.… Read More »

SCRUM in Software Development

Scrum is actually a subset of Agile and it is one of the most popular process frameworks for implementing Agile. Scrum is an iterative software development model used to manage complex software and product development in IT. It has Fixed-length iterations, called sprints lasting one or two weeks long and allow the team to complete… Read More »

Palindrome in C#

A palindrome is a word which reads the same in backward and as in forward.

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Explain the brief history of ASP.NET MVC?

Hi friends, I have gone through some existing features of MVC in its history. MVC Framework have too many features and in each release they have added new features. ASP.NET MVC1 MVC1 was Released on Mar 13, 2009 Runs on .NET 3.5 Runs in Visual Studio 2008 & Visual Studio 2008 SP1 MVC Pattern architecture… Read More »