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Which are the different types of joins?

INNER JOIN Inner join shows matches only when they exist in both tables. Example in the below SQL there are two tables Customers and Orders and the inner join in made on Customers. Customerid and Orders. Customerid. So this SQL will only give you result with customers who have orders. If the customer does not… Read More »

What are .Net directives?

@ Assembly:-Links an assembly to the current page or user control decoratively. @ Control:-Defines control-specific attributes used by the ASP.NET page parser and compiler and can be included only in .ascx files (user controls). @ Implements:-Indicates that a page or user control implements a specified .NET Framework interface decoratively. @ Import:-Imports a name space into… Read More »

Artifacts in Team City

Hi All, Build artifacts are out put files by the build which are stored on Team City server.From General Settings page of the Build Configuration, we can specify explicit paths to build Artifacts or patterns to define Artifacts of a build.Upon the build finish, TeamCity searches for artifacts in the build checkout directory according to… Read More »

Build Steps in Team City

Hi, Build steps can be configured from Build Steps section of Build Configuration Settings page. The steps can be auto-detected by Team City or added manually. Each build step is represented by a build Runner Type and provides integration with a specific build or test tool. We can add as many build steps to our… Read More »

What are partial views in MVC?

Hi All, Partial view is a reusable view which can be embedded inside other view.Like a user control it can be used in different areas of a page. It can used with left menu, header and footer as shown in the image below. Once the partial view is created we can call the partial view… Read More »

Routing in MVC?

Hi All, Routing helps us to give user friendly URL structure. Helps to map those URL structure to the controller.When any user types “http://localhost/View/ViewStudent/” , it will goes to the “Customer” Controller and invokes “DisplayStudent” action. This is defined by adding an entry in to the “routes” collection using the “maproute” function.

Grid in Knock Out

Hi All, Using Knockout we can create grid view easily.An example of using the ‘foreach’ binding to render content for each item in an list is given below.We can add items to a HTML template. Note : viewModelData is view model which contains Name,Age and No fields.

How to Create a Team City Build ?

Hi All, Team City is a Java-based build management and continuous integration server from Jet Brains. Continuous Integration is the main aim of Team City. Automated deployment from development it self. Follow the following steps Step 1 – Login to the Team City software. Step 2 – Click Create Project to start a new project.… Read More »

What is Continuous Integration in Software Development ?

Hi Everyone, Continuous Integration is a software development practice that helps to calls upon development teams to ensure that a build and subsequent testing is conducted for every code change made in a software. Continuous Integration concept was meant to remove the problem of finding the late occurrences of issues in the build life cycle.… Read More »