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What is App Insights?

Application Insights is an Application Performance Management service for web applications on multiple platforms. It is used to monitor live web application. It will automatically detect different performance anomalies. It’s powerful analytics tools will help to diagnose issues and to understand what users actually do with application. It’s designed to continuously improve performance and usability.… Read More »

Set up the Angular Development Environment

Set up the Angular Development Environment Step 1 : Install Node.js and npm Download Link: Notes : Verify that we are running at least node 6.9.x and npm 3.x.x by running node -v and npm -v in a terminal/console window. Step 2 : Install the Angular CLI globally.Use “npm install -g @angular/cli” command through console… Read More »

What is TypeScript

TypeScript helps to write JavaScript in a different way. TypeScript is a super set of JavaScript that compiles to classic JavaScript. TypeScript is actually object oriented with classes, interfaces. Angular 2.0 is written in TypeScript. TypeScript helps programmers to write object-oriented programs and have them compiled to JavaScript, both on server side and client side.

When we use interface and when we use abstract class

Use an abstract class When creating a class library which will be widely distributed or especially to clients, use an abstract class in preference to an interface; because, it simplifies visioning. This is the practice used by the Microsoft team which developed the Base Class Library. (COM was designed around interfaces.) Use an abstract class… Read More »

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What is the difference between tempdata , viewdata and viewbag?

Temp data: Helps to maintain data when you move from one controller to other controller or from one action to other action. In other words when you redirect,“tempdata” helps to maintain data between those redirects. It internally uses session variables. View data: Helps to maintain data when you move from controller to view. View Bag: … Read More »

How can we restrict MVC actions to be invoked only by GET or POST?

Hi Friends, We can decorate the MVC action by “HttpGet” or “HttpPost” attribute to restrict the type of HTTP calls. For instance you can see in the below code snippet the “DisplayCustomer” action can only be invoked by “HttpGet”. If we try to make Http post on “DisplayCustomer” it will throw an error.    

Which are the features in Angular JS ?

Hi friends, You all are familiar in Angular JS. I just want to point out the main features of Angular JS in glance. The features of Angular JS are 1. Templates 2. Directives 3. Modules 4. Scope 5. Expressions 6. Filters 7. MVC (Model, View & Controller) 8. Validations 9. Data Binding 10. Routing 11.… Read More »

When to use $destroy() function of scope?

$destroy() function permanently detaches the current scope with all of its children’s from its parent scope. This is required when child scopes are no longer needed. So, $destroy() function is called to remove these scopes from the browser’s memory. When $destroy() is called all the watchers and listeners get removed and the object which represented… Read More »