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Which are the different types of joins?

INNER JOIN Inner join shows matches only when they exist in both tables. Example in the below SQL there are two tables Customers and Orders and the inner join in made on Customers. Customerid and Orders. Customerid. So this SQL will only give you result with customers who have orders. If the customer does not… Read More »

What are .Net directives?

@ Assembly:-Links an assembly to the current page or user control decoratively. @ Control:-Defines control-specific attributes used by the ASP.NET page parser and compiler and can be included only in .ascx files (user controls). @ Implements:-Indicates that a page or user control implements a specified .NET Framework interface decoratively. @ Import:-Imports a name space into… Read More »

When we use interface and when we use abstract class

Use an abstract class When creating a class library which will be widely distributed or especially to clients, use an abstract class in preference to an interface; because, it simplifies visioning. This is the practice used by the Microsoft team which developed the Base Class Library. (COM was designed around interfaces.) Use an abstract class… Read More »

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