Artifacts in Team City

By | June 22, 2017

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Build artifacts are out put files by the build which are stored on Team City server.From General Settings page of the Build Configuration, we can specify explicit paths to build Artifacts or patterns to define Artifacts of a build.Upon the build finish, TeamCity searches for artifacts in the build checkout directory according to the specified artifact path or path patterns. The matching files are then uploaded (“published”) to the Team City server, where they become available for download through the web UI or can be used in other builds using artifact dependencies.

To download artifacts of a build, use the Artifacts column of the build entry on the Team City pages that list the builds, or locate them at the Artifacts tab of the build results page. You can automate artifacts downloading as described in the Patterns For Accessing Build Artifacts section.Team City stores artifacts on the disk in a directory structure that can be accessed directly

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